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If you're looking for quality waterproofing companies in London, Hertfordshire or the surrounding areas, City Remedial is the place for you.

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If you’re looking for high-quality waterproofing companies, then City Remedial is your first choice. Here at City Remedial, we are one of the leading waterproofing companies that provide a wide array of additional services to clients based in North London, South West London, Central London and Hertfordshire.

Whether you’re looking for ground gas membranes, cellar damp proofing, cellar waterproofing, concrete repairs, timber engineering or tank waterproofing, we can provide a service that can be matched by no other.

Frequently referred to as tanking, but more recently referred to as structural waterproofing, can often be one of the biggest and best decisions our clients have ever made.

Converting unused space, whether for a commercial or domestic benefit or creating a healthier environment to work or live in, can also add great value to your property financially.

Our comprehensive survey of your property will identify and advise upon which method of waterproofing should be utilised, giving the most appropriate solution to your problem. Certain circumstances may dictate both systems being utilised.

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    Cavity Drain Membrane Systems

    The system has been introduced to this country in more recent decades and when applied correctly is a flexible application with a generally longer life span than cementitious systems.

    The system incorporates the introduction of a drainage channel system to the perimeter walls, being directed into a sump/pump system. The appropriate cavity drain membrane is fixed to walls / soffits utilising waterproof fixing plugs. A cavity drain membrane is the laid loose to the floor slab and made water tight at all functions utilising waterproof sealing tapes, giving a dry internal surface.

    Water penetration is then controlled and removed from the property via the sump/pump system, alleviating/controlling water vapour and damp pressure. Alarm systems are also available to the pumping system. Finished surfaces are dictated by the membrane being applied and the end use. This can involve walls receiving a plastered finish, direct to the membrane or dry lining system, which can also incorporate insulation for thermal benefit.

    Floors can receive tongue and groove timber flooring laid direct to the membrane or a sand and cement screed. Both finishes can incorporate insulation. Such finishes can be dictated by numerous factors which our surveyor will be pleased to advise and guide upon. Such works will be subject to our 10-year guarantee, insurance backed upon request. Periodic maintenance is required for this system.


    Cementitious systems can be provided in various forms, from cementitious slurries to multi coat render applications.

    The multi coat render system is applied in layers to walls and floors that will form a dense cementitious material, incorporating a waterproofing component. This has been the traditional method of waterproofing in Britain for many years. Slurries are premixed coatings that are applied as a thin layer by either trowel, brush or spray. Both systems can be utilised internally as well as externally. All such applications require good surface preparation, which is vital to its success and may often require additional preparation to movement/construction joints. These applications are not subject to periodic maintenance programmes.
    Such works will be subject to our 10-year guarantee, insurance backed upon request.

    Basement Waterproofing London
    Basement Waterproofing London
    Basement Waterproofing London