Timber engineering and resin repair

Epoxy resin repairs are frequently used for the repair of structural timbers, such as beam ends, joist ends, wall plates, bressemers, posts and lintels, affected by attack from wood rotting fungi or

infestation of wood boring insect. Use of the system can also be applied for the strengthening/upgrading of structural timbers.

The resin repair system often applies to timbers bedded into damp masonry and can incorporate the introduction of a timber splice to match existing remaining timbers or a complete poured epoxy resin grout replacement. Both alternatives involve the introduction of reinforcement bars/connectors, either of steel or carbon fibre, leaving the client with timbers of equal or improved strength.

The system is utilised in older and historical buildings as well as commercial and residential properties and is often found to be a more economical and far less disruptive alternative to the complete replacement of some structural timbers.

The strengthening/upgrading of structural timbers such as beams and joists is often required when there is structural defect found to the timber or there is a change of use to the property, thus requiring additional strengthening. This will often incorporate the formation of a channel within the length of the timber concerned and introduction of steels or carbon fibre rods to a pattern defined by a structural engineer. The epoxy resin grout is then poured into the void to complete the procedure.

Older timber framed and historical properties are often subject to severe weathering and splitting of exposed structural timbers. Use of a 2 part moulding mortar can be used to infill holes, spits and to re-shape partially decayed sections of timber. These can be grained, patterned and stained or painted to create an image of the original timber and retaining/improving the aesthetic appearance so important to these buildings of such great character.


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