Ground Gas Protection

Ground gas protection systems are required to prevent harmful permeant ground gases or VOC’s(volatile organic compound) penetrating the building structure. As development land supply dwindles we provide technical solutions and suitable installations on sites which have a confirmed ground gas contamination risk, meaning sites which may have been previously undevelopable can proceed.

BS8485 2015 code of practice for the design of protective measures has brought clarity to the standards required for each site and alongside our trusted suppliers we are able to install protection measures to meet these standards.

We work with many of the top manufacturers and suppliers of ground gas protection products and have delivered installs in many scenarios and differing levels of contamination. Our surveyors are able to offer support to the design team to establish a robust specification, once a suitable design for ground gas protection design has been agreed it is imperative that the system is installed correctly to achieve the standard required.

Ground gas protection systems in below ground construction can often be combined with waterproofing systems to satisfy BS8102 the building standard for below ground structural waterproofing. With good design we can ‘value engineer’ systems to meet both requirements and provide an installation service to high quality carried out by experienced operatives.

Below is an example of a simple project where City Remedial installed the Memtech M1 membrane system to a new build, this particular membrane gives protection against Methane (CH4), Carbon Dioxide (Co2) Radon (RN) and where installed above a block and beam (as it was below) against Hydrocarbon Vapours. This membrane also doubles up as a DPM (damp proof membrane) as an additional benefit.

The alternative for the client was to carry out longer term site monitoring and ground excavations before beginning the build adding to pre build costs and causing delays. The cost effective install allowed the project to proceed without time delays.

If you have a site that has already had a site investigation report carried out then we can review the report to provide a tailored specification and estimate for all levels of ground gas contamination sites.

Contact a member of our team if you need advice regarding ground gas protection systems