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For both new and old properties, concrete repairs are in demand. Frequently, older properties require repair due to the ageing and weathering effects inflicted upon them. Also, this may require additional strengthening of said structure.

Repairs to newly poured concrete structures often become affected by shrinkage cracks or defects to structural joints. Such remedial works required may need repair utilising the application of lightweight concrete repair systems. Those areas suffering from persistent water ingress may be suited to the application of resin injection systems. City Remedial is well-practised in the application of both systems. We are recognised applicators of these systems through suppliers and manufacturers, such as BASF, FOSCOC, and Koster.

Here at City Remedial, we offer a wide range of concrete repairs near you. Our team of experts, work to the highest of standards from start to finish. Whether your project is big or small, we have you covered. Similarly, we will fix and repair most concrete elements, to a good as new state. With our many years of experience and excellent skill set, our team of craftsman are perfect for the job.

Concrete Repairs
Concrete Repairs
Concrete Repairs

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